Librarian Ire

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Immortal or is that just crazy talk?

Who knew that W.A. Mozart was so multi-talented? I knew he was a great composer and a pretty okay musician.
But I never realized he was an academic. According to our newest professor he was. And even more amazing is that Mozart is apparently immortal. Oh I don't mean his music. I mean him in the flesh.
Yes. At the risk of starting conspiracy theories I will say that his death and subsequent burial in a pauper's grave was faked.
Because he was alive and well and writing about Karl Barth in 1986. Although (and this is just my opinion) if he wanted to remain undercover he should have changed his name all those years ago, to something less recognizable.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Little known secrets about Reserves

Things the patrons wish they knew:

When returning a reserve book and a person is not sitting right at the desk: The further across the desk you put the reserve book the faster we'll check it in. If you place the book on the middle portion of the desk we'll not hurry over to discharge it but walk over as soon as we finish what we're doing, if you place it up to the far edge we'll immediately walk over to check it in, and if you place it so that half the book is hanging off the far edge - well, then we'll immediately teleport to the location and telekinetically move the book through discharge instantaneously.

When standing at the desk, holding a reserve book and looking like the fool you are: Answer "I want to return this book." in response to the circulation worker's question of "Do you want to return this book?". Then, remain standing there looking like a fool until the worker then asks you "Is there something else I can help you with?" at which point you say "I want to renew that book."

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Interview Limbo.

Had myself an interview with a well known and respected university considerably south of where I live recently.
I applied for the position as a lark really. I saw it posted and thought how interesting. Some months later I saw it was still up. So I figured what the hell?
I got the call saying they wanted to interview me. Cool.
Except I forgot how freakishly hot it gets there. Hell isn't that hot.
They asked a lot of questions. Nineteen! Which actually isn't as many as you might think.
Good ones too. They asked me about how I manage my time when it's really bad at the desk(I'm paraphrasing) and I have important papers/project to complete. Another was about stress management. (I didn't think answering I blog about the idiots who I come in contact with was what they were looking for.)
They asked about the most successful and most unsuccessful teams I've been on. Co-worker relations was another big deal. How do you handle difficult co-workers? And my favorite one was about diversity. How do you handle different cultures, personalities, religion, ect in a large professional work place?
While I think I did all right answering most of the questions, there were a few that I had trouble with. One they asked was about the future of circulation with all the new technology. Where do I see it going and how would we have to define our role? That was hard for me. I have some ideas, but in that situation it's hard to pick one and define it in 100 words or less.
Overall I did okay. In interviews it's often hard to tell. The feedback and the vibes were positive. I did notice the body language was positive and open. So maybe I have a good shot.
I didn't go in with the expectation I'd be hired. In fact this is the first time I applied for a 'professional' posting. And I'd be shocked comatose, if someone who works there didn't apply for the job as well. Being familiar with the routine and people does give you an advantage. But the experience was great and I got to visit a few places on the "things to see before I die list." A mini-vacation.

I'd love the job, to be honest. It looks like something I can do and do well. It's in a great city. It's more responsibility and potential to move up. I'd even get my own office! But on the other hand, they don't appear to pay very well, and it's one of the more expensive cities in the USA to live in.
Also it's quite a hike from family and friends.

A Stumper for the Masses

Gee... I've just gotten this recall notice for one of my books, what do I do?

Well, I ignore it of course. I'll just return the book 3 months later after my id has been blocked, the rest of my 30 books from 6 campus libraries have all been billed to me and then I'll go into a library that is in no way involved with all this chaos and I will wave my arms around, scream, yell, and jump up and down. Yep, that sounds like a plan. I am a genius.