Librarian Ire

Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm good, but not psychic

I was so hoping for a good Sunday student worker. Alas, like men, all the good ones are taken.
We were forced to hire a new Sunday student worker because the last ones graduated. Funny how that happens.

Being the kind, gentle and understanding library person I am, I give them a few weeks to adjust to the wild world of Sunday librarianship.

So it's the 4th week now and I give him a few ILL requests to look for and came back telling me he couldn't find them but 'he skimmed the carts.' Hmm, not exactly promising.
Now someone can't find a book needed for a class. So we promise to look for it and let the patron know.
Guess who got to look? Yep, Mr. Skimmer. He came back saying "I didn't see it, but I skimmed the carts."
I know the book is there, since I checked it in myself. He wants to know what cart it is on.

What am I, clairvoyent? That's why we hired you. To look, not skim the carts. Sigh.