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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Security gate woes

Our security gate has been stepping up it's war against me. It has recruited some students to slowly break my will.
It was bad enough when it'd just go off. It would beep and then lock. There isn't anyone around, no books to pass through. It could be some ghost or poltergeist. It's a better explanation than what the security company told us. Sometimes these things happen.
I keep a record of these assaults on my sanity. Well, for later. You never know....
Not much I can do about the students.
The one that stands out is the woman who tried to return her books. She attempted to leave the library to place all her books in the book drop on the outside of the library. In order to return books to the library.
With staff at the desk waiting to help her.
She explains that she wants to return her books. Okay. We unlock the gate and she tries again to leave to return her books!!!!!
Finally I just tell her leave them.

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