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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

We're back

I bet you thought we had given up or went for therapy, as there has been no Ire for quite some time.
Call it a sabbatical. Now we might not have a book or papers but we have observed the habits and rituals of the library users. Both the wild and domesticated.
So watch the space.

And here's the LI contribution to the Vampire Librarian's meme.
"A man is not poor because he has not provided for the morrow. If we only remember what quantity of food the sea full of fish offers, on whose contents each man in Catholic Naples is bound by his religion to feed one day of the week; how profusely all sorts of fruit and garden stuffs are to be found there at every season; how the country wherein Naples lies, has the name of Terra di Lavoro, (not of Labor but of Husbandry), and the whole province has borne the honorable title of the Happy Country (Campagna Felice) now for centuries, we will see how easily one may live there.
One who has lived here long would see that the Lazzarone is not a whit more idle than the other classes, but would also perceive that all in their way labor not merely to live but to enjoy, and that they are quite free from the labor for living." The Early lectures of Ralph Waldo Emerson v.II

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