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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sad case

Had a student come to my office to "help" her. She had been in the previous day and been helped by someone and apparantly that help didn't stick. Anyway, she didn't have a copy of a book needed for her class. The bookstore was backordered. Anyway, she was quite upset that the only copy of the book on campus was in our reserves collection (for that class).

Apparantly, this "wasn't fair" that it was on reserve because she needed it.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I just love it when I'm trying to help someone and they keep interrupting while I'm answering their vitally important question.
Mind you they interrupted me doing something vitally important.
Case in point. A female patron comes in and says "I asked for something to be delivered here for me."
Oookay. Thanks for the information.
So she's standing there staring at me. I am using my incredible library powers to discern that the book is on the shelf waiting for you.
I ask her name and she says, Helen of Troy, like I should have recognized her instantly. Oh of course! Who?
Now Helen is back. She wants to know where the PA's are. I don't get the full sentence out before she interrupts to say "they are near the BR's right?
Uh no, not exactly. We do have a lot of other books between the B's and the P's in stacks. Blame the alphabet for that one.

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