Librarian Ire

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Patience of a saint

I am glad today's All Saint's day. I could use the patience and forgiveness of them. I don't know what is up with the students today.
Maybe they know it's our anniversary month. And wanted to give us something to complain about again.
Two years of bitching and whining here on LI! Wow. Amazing really.
So far, today I have had students who are well into the semester and know how to use the reserve pages shout out only half a call number for reserve books. When I insist they write it down they give me death glares.
Ha. They have a long way to go before they can perfect a decent death glare capable of intimidating Nike the Librarian.
I learned the library glare from the best!
Then the two of the most capable and intelligent library workers seemed to have taken a little mental vacation while at the desk. One checked out an entire set of DVD's(a total of 8 items) to one student for a 2 hour reserve. Not only can't you watch a set of 8 DVD's in two hours it's not our reserve policy for Media items.
The other let someone borrow a reserve book without checking it out first (Sigh) and then screwed up paging books, so I spent half an hour chasing down already checked out books that were on the verge of being marked "lost".
To top it all off, she left all huffy because I asked her to be more attentive when doing her job.
And yes, I was nice about it.
Well, I had been missing something to complain about so it worked out.
So happy anniversary Librarian Ire.