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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Little known secrets about Reserves

Things the patrons wish they knew:

When returning a reserve book and a person is not sitting right at the desk: The further across the desk you put the reserve book the faster we'll check it in. If you place the book on the middle portion of the desk we'll not hurry over to discharge it but walk over as soon as we finish what we're doing, if you place it up to the far edge we'll immediately walk over to check it in, and if you place it so that half the book is hanging off the far edge - well, then we'll immediately teleport to the location and telekinetically move the book through discharge instantaneously.

When standing at the desk, holding a reserve book and looking like the fool you are: Answer "I want to return this book." in response to the circulation worker's question of "Do you want to return this book?". Then, remain standing there looking like a fool until the worker then asks you "Is there something else I can help you with?" at which point you say "I want to renew that book."

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