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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Throwing stones at the greenhouse part 2

Tonight Stripey announced to me that she didn't think she could work her entire shift.
No reason, just she said I don't feel I can work until we close tonight.
Tough luck babe. You didn't bother to do this before you walked in (late)and started working.
Since you aren't a great worker to begin with I am not inclined to cut you any slack.
She doesn't know the right destinations for returned books, she comes in late, spends a lot of time doing e-mail, and asks for help for the tiniest little thing.
None of which I would miss, but who do you think wants to cover your shift NOW? Maybe if you had planned ahead like the rest of the staff. Everyone else has exams and papers too. Including me.
And I work full-time. She only works 4 hours a week. What the hell do you do the rest of the time? She never uses the library and I don't know anyone who has classes with her.

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