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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Losing my sanity or headed toward sainthood?

I have much to complain-uh-discuss about our current crop of student workers.
First up is Ms Stripes. She sent a note to the boss telling her that she was cutting her hours because she could no longer work the overwhelming schedule we set for her(7 hours a week)
But she sent it the day before her shift in a week when the library was decimated by illness, so the note went ignored and there were holes in our coverage. Oh how fun.
But we are not done. Oh not by a long shot. The very next week she tells us that she really can't work her Monday shift this week because of her classes.
If we need a favor she'll come in and close the place with me, but it's a burden.(Oh she didn't say it, but that was the gist of it)
I told her I'd find coverage for the entire night. One of the good students couldn't wait to augment his hours, so no problems there.
The boss was less than happy at this turn of events. I know she had a talk with Stripey. Not a fun time. >: }
Stripey either has no clue about many things or a real short-term memory problem.
I set her a project to do. It was very easy, almost no thinking involved. I foolishly believed it was moron-proof. Oh how wrong I was! She asked me the same question three times. "I am not sure I understand what you need me to do." and "I still don't know what to do" were common refrains all night. Even when I actually did some examples for her, she didn't get it. She said she did, but I have my doubts.
Then Dr. Nathan strikes! He 'borrowed' a set of keys from the library and didn't return them despite repeated e-mails to do so. It took three days to get our keys back.
And then when he showed for his shift I had to explain to him we don't actually pay him to stand around and talk to the patrons. We expect him to actually work.
He was pissed at me, I know. He didn't talk to me for the rest of the afternoon. I have to make him mad more often.

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...whilst I am pretty happy about my student staff right now. The 2 big troublemakers I have are graduating - yeah! And the couple of sometimes-gives-me-a-headache are also graduating! Yeah!

I'm not going to start depressing myself thinking about the training of a huge new crop of... um, great workers.

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