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Monday, April 10, 2006


Here's a little tip for all you liars out there. Come up with something believable when you want a night off.
Saying I have anthrax or the plague will get you the night off, but you can't come back to work.
When faking an illness, go with the tip from Ferris Bueller. Non-specific is best. Stomach ailments, food poisoning no one is going to ask too much about. There are things we just don't want to know.
Also when picking the previous committment lie make sure it's happening on that day. Such as a religious service or date. Make sure that the service happens. And it's best not to pick a person who is real and might choose to study in the library on that day. A friend from out of town is coming in. A family member or roommate from college are also good people to lie about.
If you are a student say you have a paper due or an exam to study for. A presentation to give with your partners is another promising lie. Especially at the end of a semester.
So I hope that you have all benefitted from this little tutorial. Now go out there and practise! Just not on me.

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