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Monday, April 17, 2006

#1 PP

Alright, I have decided who is my number 1 Problem Patron. Oh, could I type his name so you would all be warned...

Top 10 Reasons he is my #1 PP:

10. He stinks. Really, really bad. Dude, you have to be a 6'2" yummy Irishman to get away with that much Old Spice.
9. He comes to the desk with a problem Every. Single. Day.
8. He's a TA and he NEVER does reserves right. He sends them late, I get complaints, he tells me I posted them too early, I posted them to late, he asks that they be posted at 9pm at night!
7. He's short. The short ones always seem to be annoying.
6. He has NO concept of personal space. I don't want anyone standing that close to me. Not even a 6'2" yummy Irishman.
5. He. Stinks. I exaggerate not, the air is polluted a good 10 minutes after he leaves a space.
4. He has stupid hair. I mean, it looks real cute on a 4 year old in a sailor suit, but dude it is NOT working for you.
3. For 2 months he had that unidentifiable goo between his eyebrows - gross!
2. He needs a paperclip, he needs a pencil, he needs a blue pen, the copier is out of paper, the printer has jammed, he can't find this book, how do reserves work, do we have his ILL, can he renew is ILL, he got an overdue notice, the light is out over his desk, the desktop wallpaper is too bright, can we post this reserve, its too cold, why have you stabbed me with a scissors?
1. He stinks!!! The obvious choice. Stinking every single day is the reason you got a scissors in your ear!

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It's the stupid hair ones that get you everytime!

By Blogger Nike, at 4:38 PM  


What does "scissors in your ear" mean?

The rest of this I can totally get behind.

By Blogger small one, at 10:10 PM  

Pretty much means I'm going to jab by scissors into his ear. :) I'd do his nose, but that'd just be gross.

By Blogger Loki, at 7:25 AM  

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