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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A class in participation?

As you may know I have been improving myself yet again this semester. I like my class which I have mentioned, although I am not fond of my classmates.
I realize I have not talked about my classmates much, (the less said the better, but since I need to blog about them I should introduce them to you all)

First there are the Siamese lovers. You never see these two apart. SL1 takes the notes and seems to be the dominant one in that relationship. In the beginning of class I noticed whenever SL2 answered a question or wanted to say something she looked to SL1. Not a good sign for any relationship really. But hey, it's not my place to tell her that.
I could care less about their relationship, and wouldn't have noticed actually except for two reasons. SL1 kept kicking my chair. He would stretch out and hit the chair so it wobbled. Then he'd put his feet under the chair and play with, actually moving it around while I WAS SITTING IN IT! I got fed up with that. So much so I moved. After that I became much more observant about where they were and when.
Which is how I know about the second reason. They don't seem to like this class. I know that because they have said so. What I heard was "Well, this was another boring class." I wanted to say to them, "Maybe if you opened your mouth from one end of the hour to another it wouldn't be so bad."
When the instructor asks questions very often they expect a response! "What do you study?,"came up recently and the other 4 just sat there and stared at him. Hey, guess even. SAY SOMETHING! I get tired of hearing my own voice answering the questions all the time. Just sitting there staring back at him was not a good participation move. You all do know we get graded on participation, right?

Then there's Mr. Clueless, this is the guy who had the gall to ask me if I would 'help' him with his assignment. Invariably he asks a stupidly obvious question like "So these databases are electronic journals?" We spent a whole class on electronic journals and another separate class on database searching. How he combined the two is beyond my imagination. And then he wants to know how to get to the home page. We have to go over it like three times. And even then I'm not totally sure he gets it. Scary. The ref librarian asked me if he always has a meltdown when you show him computer stuff. She was stunned at his reaction a week ago when he asked her help.
Then there's Silent Bob. I have no idea what his voice sounds like. I don't think he's opened his mouth once during the entire semester.
So there you have it. These people are the future of scholarship and learning. My advice is to run for your lives.

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