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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Now Presenting HRH, the Queen.

Consulting my handy insult dictionary... I had a real tool this morning.

Picture it, crack of dawn, really, library opens in 4 minutes. I approach the building from the coffee shop I had popped over to for some fortification. I see a girl ahead walking up to the library doors. She tries a door. Its locked. She moves to the next door - tries. Then the next and the next. Then - only THEN - does she look at her watch. Then, naturally, she tries the doors again. She does a small turn-in place circle then starts to walk away. I have reached the doors by about her 2nd step. I sense behind me she has turned back around, my hair sways from the air she is breathing upon my neck. I slowly dig my keys out of my pocket, open the door enough to slip in and pull it shut behind me. There's still 2 minutes until opening. I'm a stickler when people are so obnoxious. Anyway, behind me I hear her pull on the doors again. All 4 of them! Did you SEE me unlock them?! Geez. So I pop my coffee into my office, then go to begin unlocking the doors. She's out there; her face pressed against the glass. I go to the farthest door from where she is standing to unlock that one first. Immediately she runs over and starts yanking on the handle! I'm still winding the bar in place lady! Cripes, eventually she jerked the door with keys right out of my hand. (No there was no sorry or thank you or speaking of any sort)

What was the big hurry? A paper to print off before class? An assignment due in 5 minutes? Surely there is some logical explanation for her excessively rude and obnoxious behavior? Nope. I watched her sit down at a computer, open her email, and sit. 4 hours later and she's still sitting there, now she's surfing the web. I believe she gets to wear the dumbass crown today.

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Sounds about right. At least she's not yakking on her cell phone at the same time.

By Blogger Nike, at 12:05 PM  

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