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Friday, April 29, 2005

Snotty little brat

One of our student workers. Where do all the good ones go? Probably to library school and get promoted over me.

Anyway this over-educated little brat (who wouldn't know a non polyester pants or a decent haircut if they introduced themselves to him) thinks that because he has been here longer than any other student he can mouth off to me.
What happened was he stopped in the middle of a routine task to tell me(!!) he was going on his break. Uh, might want to ask not tell me, skippy. When I asked him to finish what he started, he asked why.

Hmmm, maybe because we are paying you to do it? Because it's professional? Because you just can't decide you need a break in the middle of a task you voluntarily started leaving someone else to finish it?
When I explained why he told me I was just telling him to do it so I could prove to myself that I could boss him around.

Don't need the proof buddy. And if I did, all I have to do is look at the paycheck.
But if you want to do my job, go right ahead. You do ILL and deal with the idiots from all over the world, you handle reserves every semester, you deal with crazed faculty and students. You go to committee meetings, you hunt for obscure titles in every western European language that exists and a few that died out. (My favorite was Greek. Don't speak it or understand the alphabet, but I searched it!)
And you deal with snotty over-educated, little brats who can't get their head out of the ivory tower long enough to find a real job. Never mind keep it.
Sigh, It's time for ice cream.

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I feel your pain but that story made my day. LOL

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