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Thursday, February 24, 2005


Is it any wonder I hesitate in letting books leave the safe confines of the library when things like this happen?

A patron comes by with the container in which a library item was in. One assumes she checked out the whole thing. Book and envelope (fragile item)
She wants my student to check the barcode to tell her what was in the envelope. You are not supposed to lose the damn thing! IDIOT! We don't want just the envelope.
And of course the student tells her what it is and when she checked it out and is generally helpful. She insists that she doesn't know why she still has it and swears she returned it.
Yeah right.
Her parting comment. "We'll hope it turns up sometime." Yeah you better do more than hope, lady. Or you get to pay for replacing it.
I love it when they protest that!

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