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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Did the roof cave? Was there a flood?

No, just a lot of nonsense.

So, I've been out 'sick' the last two days and I return to work to find an email account loaded with many exciting new happenings in the library world. 80 new happenings. Apparently, Joe wasn't feeling well on Monday - so he went home early, Sue had a doctor's appointment, there was an update to the library's homepage, oops there was another one to correct the first, there is an exciting article on George Washington in the paper - we should all read it, hey did you all read the exciting post on some listserv or other?, Student Joe needs a sub, Student Sue will do it, Student Jane needs a sub, Student Beth will do it, No- wait she can't, Student Bob can!, complaint to Loki, belligerent complaint that Loki didn't address the first complaint, snotty email that if Loki won't do it she will! And on and on and on.

It never really hits home all the useless tasks that fill your day until you've been gone and are confronted with it.

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I hear ya! Even missing one day loads up the ol' in-box. Being out sick definitely makes for a flood. My favourite is always "The catalogue system is down." and then "The catalogue system is up!" Or "Such-and-such branch's fax machine isn't working!" It's the easiest way to tell a large group of people stuff and I'm a big e-mail user (much rather use it than talk to people) but seeing them all built up like that definitely shows the trivialities of the workaday world.

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