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Monday, February 14, 2005

Blockbuster sympathy

Attention Blockbuster employees, you have my sincere sympathies for the hassles of your occupation. Namely, what you must go through to actually get your DVD's and videos returned. I'm not talking about the BOXES, because if it is like the library you get those returned all the time - it is the actual, physical discs and cassettes that seem to be forgotten.

Is it so hard to remember to put them into the case before returning it to the library? Do patrons realize it doesn't actually count as being returned when the contents are missing? Its like returning a book jacket. Gee, thanks for the thought, but I think the next person will want the book!

...and WHY do they think that its ok for it to be days, weeks, or MONTHS before they bring the inside bits back? I've got 4 missing content items sitting on my desk right this minute. 4! 2 of them have been here over a week. I can't wait until the end of the semester rolls around and these people try to register and come up against the hold on their record:

"I tried to register and they told me I can't because the library has put a hold on my account!"
"Yes mam/sir/dufus, you have this overdue item..."
"I returned that in February!"
"...that has remained on your account because you did not return the video/DVD/CDRom."
pause. "Well, if I didn't return it there must not have been one inside!"

I love that. Oh, so you kept a DVD box for 3 weeks, then just returned it and didn't tell us it was empty?

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One of our regular video borrowers is a mentally challenged man whose chronological age is about 30. He likes to borrow UFO videos and also one about Hawaii that has a girl in a bikini on the cover. Once he returned a children's video with a porn movie in the case. Good thing our diligent circ staff caught that one!

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