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Sunday, February 13, 2005

User error

Ever get that on your computer? I have had two user errors today.
Not on my computer. Patrons who have what seems like a geniune complaint and when you delve(to make a careful or detailed search for information) deeper in order to help them you realize that it's their utter and complete lack of common sense that has brought them to you.

The first one was a complaint about the reserve policy. When the patron returned the book she had borrowed she proceded to explain to me that everyone in her class would want that volume and only that volume. And that the student working the desk didn't know what she wanted when she asked for it.
Well, first of all you gave her the wrong call number. Second even if you had the right call number you neglected to tell us which of the three volumes you wanted. Third, and most important, on the reserve page it told you very clearly that the call number you wanted was a reference book and unable to be checked out which is why we gave you the circulating copy in the first place.
When I checked into this and told her why we made the perceived mistake she dismissed it all as something that wouldn't affect her. She only wanted us to fix the mistake and make it easier for everyone else to use the book.
Well, it is easy to use the book. And it does affect you. You are the only one with the problem here, since there wasn't a mistake on our end. In fact there wasn't any way on the reserve page to make it any clearer.
It was all user error.

The second user error was about a copier. Someone comes by and says all three copiers in the library are broken and what do we do about it?
Since we knew only one was broken we make sure that he is right before calling in service again. They like that. No use fixing what isn't broken.
The copier in question was just in enery save mode. Not broken, not even off. But the student didn't even have the brains to lift the top.
Which we told him later on. (The energy save part not where are your brains part)
He, of course, insisted that it was the copier not him that had the problem.
It was all user error.

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Do you have a copy card reader attached to your copiers? We do, its an "external device".

At least 2x/week I get a patron who comes up to inform me the copiers are all broken because the screen says "external device enabled" on it. I always ask, "Did you put your copy card in?"

"Uh,(eye-roll), of course I did! It didn't do anything!"

Hmm... "Well, I just put mine in and the machine made a whole handful of pretty copies - see?"

By Blogger Loki, at 12:42 PM  

Yeah, we do. On all three of them. Normally that doesn't factor in, but you never know!

By Blogger Nike, at 4:03 PM  

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