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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Speaking of morons

I know we weren't really on the topic of morons, but it dovetails nicely with my previous topic. Incidentally dovetail is the word of the day. "To connect or combine precisely and harmoniously."
You see, we hire students for a lot of the work. Shelving, copy cataloging, archival organization, opening mail, and manning the circulation desk. Things that we could hire a full-time person to do, but why bother when students will do it for cheaper? But that old adage, you get what you pay for, comes to mind.
There is one student who used to work for the circ staff. He works in tech services now. Which is fine with me. This guy(let's call him Nathan) doesn't really fit in at the library. He is stolid, overly serious, pompous, with no sense of humor. The kind of person who likes to lecture. Never mind that half the time he has no clue! He is very disappointed in the university. It is not living up to his expectations. And he doesn't like living here either. Actually he hates it. He doesn't like the prices, the road conditions, the weather, the people, and anything else you mention. (Then why did you move here, moron!) And he isn't shy about voicing these opinions to anyone who will stand still.
He was pulling the outdated magazines this afternoon, so he had a pile. I said to him "So, Nathan, going to do a little reading?" The circ student cracked a smile at that. Nathan looked at me and said, "I am going to do my job."
REALLY? I never would have guessed that! I had no clue what you were doing with last year's magazines. Thanks for letting me know that! Although that was the only time today I saw him working. He spent more time at the circ desk talking with the other student workers then working. I have to have a word with him, if this continues. Not that it would penetrate his thick moronic skull.

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Uh-Oh. We'd better not speak of morons or I'll get sever finger-hand-arm-and-shoulder cramps. Not to mention I'll get myself all worked up leading to an ulcer and most likely an aneurysm.

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