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Thursday, December 23, 2004

I am cursed. Its this place, I know it.

'Its great to work the day before break, its all fun and games.' Yeah. Right.:

Start= Got bad paper cut on end of finger yesterday, just where finger nail starts. Finger has been throbbing and bleeding all night long.
Have to get up at 6 am today.
It is -10 outside, 60 inside. I'm glad I'm not paying $80/ month in electricity for nothing.
6:30 - I am dressed and clean, but now I must go out to start my car, no breakfast.
6:32 - Car won't start. Try again. And again. And again.
6:36 - Back inside to wait for bus. Guess there will be no latte for me today and I won't be able to do that grocery shopping after work, get that last gift...
6:44 - walk to bus stop. Stand in freezing ass cold waiting for it to come.
6:50 - bus arrives, only 3 minutes late. Good for him!
7:10 - Go and get really, really crappy coffee next door to work.
7:26 - Idiot boss is gone for long vacation but wasn't it nice of her to leave me a half dozen very annoying and stupid emails?
7:27 - Ignore the emails until after my morning libation (My dream libation - although a little nip of Baileys would hit the spot). See emails that the students for today have done some swapping and given themselves new work hours. How nice.
7:28 - 2 people are pulling on the doors! We don't open until 7:30! And what the heck are you doing up so early and at the library on Dec. 23?
7:29 - Go out, people try to get in. Not yet! I have to lock the outside book return.
7:31 - people are in, I am logging onto desk computers. I notice my pants seem really loose - oh, I've lost the button on my pants. Too many cookies??! No, its a broken button! The little interior has cracks and the threads worked through them to free the button. Damn cheap Dockers!
7:32-45 - Search high and low for a safety pin. None. Finally, used a binder clip. I'm so embarrassed. Glad I went with the long sweater today.
7:46 - Notice one of the desk computers isn't loading. Its just a blank screen. Of course every computer mole from here to Arkansas is on vacation.
8:00 - Still no breakfast, but I have a lovely aftertaste of cheap coffee.

Any day that starts like this goes downhill fast.

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It's nice to know that the patrons have more pathetic lives that we do. Yesterday one of the reference librarians at work reported that there were several people still working on major research papers. That were due last week. What she said was that there were at least 2 students who frantically asked her how to use a reference book.
My student worker was laughing at the patrons who were working on stuff. He managed to finish all his papers and come in for extra hours so he had little sympathy.

By Blogger Nike, at 12:36 PM  

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