Librarian Ire

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I'm having an episode.

You know, one of those psychotic ones. The day started out ok - as well as it can when you have to be to work before the sun rises - but then, then the BOTBOAL struck. The BOTBOAL (or Boil on the Butt of all Librarians if you will) is that most retched of bosses. Incompetent, dense, annoying, and of course creepy. This is a woman who has a deep need to feel important. She must create a 'group' for everything, and every group must of course have weekly meetings. What happens when half of a group is absent, there is nothing scheduled to discuss, and the other half of the group wants to cancel? Well, the BOTBOAL makes things up and assigns them to people of course. Two hours before the scheduled meeting we will get an email with a detailed listing of things certain people are reporting on. Now, do you think those people know to what the BOTBOAL is referring when she assigns these? Do the people have the time to figure it out? What are these people to do? In my case I avoid her for the next few hours. Going to her to ask "What the heck are you talking about?" can only lead to insanity. You'll have to have a 'talk' to 'discuss' the thing. The 'thing' will lead to more 'things' and all of it will be incomprehensible and wholly outside of your duties or relevance to your occupation and institution.

I need to get my BOTBOAL lanced.

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