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Wednesday, January 05, 2005


It always amazes me that people who supposedly are the nation's best and brightest do not know the alphabet and cannot count to 20.
I mean, how did you people get into college if you flunked kindgarten?!
I was in the stacks looking for books to send out on ILL (see ILL musings 12/22/04 for my thoughts on that) when I noticed books in the wrong sequence. In what alphabet does N come before E? And why does volume 10 have to come before volume 6? And why did you put the book back upside down so that no one else can see what it is?
Is this some secret shelving ritual that we as professional librarians are not privy to? Are you trying to start your own call number system and this is the Beta test on our books? Or are you just morons?
I know you know how to speak English. In some cases they speak several languages. Shelving is not a hard job. In fact it is pretty mindless.
Maybe that's the problem. They are so far advanced they have forgotten the basics. They don't know how to do mindless anymore.
Hire all stupid people for things like this. Wait, no we tried that once too. They really couldn't read at all. Everything was messed up for years.
I like shelving. It can be relaxing. No one bothers you when you buried in books. I just don't like it when something so easy is screwed up so badly.
A co-worker of mine commented that we should just have everything in the stacks. No special locations, no multi call number systems. It would make his life easier. And he doesn't shelve.
So it's not just me.

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Hey - I like that! No systems no classification. Lets just put things out there. When something is returned place it in the first available slot. Within 6 mos. no one would use the library and I would be left in peace. Free to email and blog all the day long! Lovely.

(As for the upside down books - I believe those are the result of the clueless library users. Users don't give a crap about the library, the system, or anyone else. It is all about them. Now, that's not to say the shelvers didn't notice the book upside down and just not bother to correct it. I myself have done that upon occasion. But I've been beaten down to a nub working in public services for almost 10 years so I'm excused. :))

By Blogger Loki, at 10:34 AM  

amoung the stacks many a patron will wander with lust or drull

books can transport you books and teach you but books can not love you
good luck in the cold world and don't let nathan get to you

By Blogger loverlawyer, at 9:03 PM  

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