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Monday, December 20, 2004

Snow Days

A legitimate excuse for taking the day off. No one wonders if you are truly sick or if you did have a doctors appointment.
Your boss doesn't want you splatted all over the road and your insurance company would rather you stayed in. Even the boss stays home on snow days.
It's a nature sanctioned mental health day. It's great. No annoying co-workers, no crazed patrons, no snotty underlings, no worries except to wonder if the hot chocolate will run out.
Now you wonder, why waste your precious time off so close to Christmas, Nike? There's not much to do at work.
Well, I have learned that there are busy work projects that happen a few days before breaks. Since school is out it's a good time to shelve and search for missing books(which I never find. Maybe that's why they're missing!) Not to mention organizing records from past years. And looking in the non-standard collections.
These things get you out from the Circ desk, but don't make the day go any faster. And you are away from your e-mail for long periods of time. Thereby missing important stuff like happy hours, pizza parties, and Christmas goodies given to the library. Our library has a policy of when we get treats we place them in the staff room for all to enjoy. Some are better than others. My favorite this year was the bucket of Lindor truffles. And everyone else liked it too!
So if you are home you have your own treats, and get to watch old movies and re-runs of the good television shows. And you don't have to go out in 0 degree weather.
To bad we don't have a summer version of snow days. Maybe heat wave days? Hmmm.

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Now they're not really free days - you have to use vacation or sick, don't you? I think you should have dragged yourself in. It would have just been you there, which is sorta like a vacation day without being one. You can sit around playing computer games or reading (if you have an office).

I can't wait until everyone starts leaving here. 2 staff members have begun their vacation, but the majority are here through wednesday - damn it.

By Blogger Loki, at 3:17 PM  

Well, it wouldn't have been JUST me. My boss doesn't stay home. Although she could, she has the time.
Which is why it was a nature sanctioned mental health day.

By Blogger Nike, at 11:44 AM  

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