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Monday, February 12, 2007


If I didn't know better I'd swear it was Hallowe'en.
We are getting some real creepy patrons here lately.
The first one is the crazy bandanna lady from last summer. She back using our computers. Now we have good hardware and some great research software. But I don't think that's the draw for her. She asked me about a specific church run school that supposedly is 'nearby'. She wanted to know everything I knew about them. I had no idea. I looked up the name she gave me in the phone book. Wasn't there. On the internet the only thing that came up was somewhere out West. She immediately knew that was wrong. No kidding.
But she's positive that she's got the name of the school right. Well, I gave her the names and addresses listed in the phone book that were close.
The second guy is even odder. Comes in every afternoon and hogs a computer. A very snazzy totally loaded deal. If he hangs around when the computer lab is 4 deep, some students are going to be very cranky.
He 'says' he's studying some Eastern religion, and likes our book collection. But no one has ever seen him in the stacks, just the computer lab. Not to mention he always blocks anyone's view of the screen when they come in.
He's never bothered anyone. So far. But he's creepy.

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