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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Anger and Rage in ILL v.2

So after I sent out the polite informative note about how we don't ILL stuff we already own, he sends another ILL request.

This time it's for something that I not only know we have, it's something that I have seen recently. So it's on the shelf. I actually go down to look for it. Right where it's supposed to be.
So I canceled the ILL request yet again. And my favorite part was he didn't even bother to search our catalog. He went straight to Google to look for it. Now I have nothing aganist Google. I use it frequently myself. But c'mon! Just blows the mind that he made it to college and grad school.

So while I am rapidly losing patience with this idiot, I hold out hope that he can eventually be taught and send him the following message. "I would like you to come to the library for a refresher course on how to use our catalog and ILL software. I believe it would be more rewarding and less frustrating trying to do research if you learned how to use them properly.
Please e-mail me with a time that you can come for this."
Tune in for part three of this entertaining saga.

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