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Friday, April 13, 2007

More Miss Attitude

Now I now all of you have been wondering if there have been more Velmaesqe (Velma-ish?) traits sighted recently.
Two have surfaced.
Miss Attitude like to show off her musical talent. She does this by telling everyone how good she is at playing her horn.(Ironic isn't it?) She has been using this as an excuse lately to miss shifts.
Also she gets all fired up about stupid news items. She spent nearly 10 minutes arguing about some experiment conducted in a subway recently. And how that proves that our culture is doomed, because people during rush hour won't stop to participate.
I thought it was funny actually. Well, more ironic than funny. She was horrified.
Neither she nor Velma could see the humor in things like these.

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Err... Or, it might just be that people in a subway station need to be somewhere so they can't stop and chit-chat.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:05 PM  

Yeah, that's what I thought too. But nooo.

By Blogger Nike, at 6:57 PM  

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