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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Laughing hysterically

at the new ILL users.
I haven't had such a good laugh at an ILLer in some time.
Here is a new request from a new student. The request is about an obscure topic on the fringes of philosophy. And the book they want is in Dutch. Nothing wrong with either of these things. I see stuff that's a lot weirder than that being checked out everyday.
But what gets me is that the requester cited the author, the full title, the publication date and publisher. Which is rare. I am lucky to get an author and title most of the time.
But instead of citing an academic database that they found this in, they tell me that it is available at
Well, good for them! Amazon that is. Branching out, I see.
The two things I can't figure out is why the person didn't buy it(wasn't that expensive) and why they thought a citation in Amazon would help.

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