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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Anger and Rage in ILL

recently there was a spate of new ILL requests. All by the same person. His user ID was Dude(I learned to leave off the 'e') So I knew before I even saw the request we were going to have issues.
After searching our catalog I noticed we have all of his requests so I sent him an e-mail telling him he didn't need to ILL the books. After the last ILL was cancelled 'The Dud(e)' sent an e-mail back saying and I quote "why was this cancelled? I've submitted about 10 requests and have only gotten cancellation notices--nothing that I requested. Am I doing something wrong?"
Librarian Loki chimed in from her sabbatical with a resounding yes in her inimitable way.
I believe the words crazy and fool were used.
I sent out a nice, polite, and informative note to the "dud(e)" explaining things about catalogs and ILL policy.
Do you think he understood it?
Wait until the next installment.

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As a former worker in ILL, I feel your pain. Some people just don't get it. In my case, it was generally faculty...people who supposedly did large sums of research to get their high falutin' degrees. Go figure.

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