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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Why do people insist on ignoring signs? Usually signs are there to help you. Like out of order signs. Or stop signs in the street.
I had someone damn near run a stop sign this morning. I wouldn't have cared, much, except I was in the middle of the intersection when he finally noticed me.
I just finished paying for my car, thank you very much. Luckily he decided to stop.
But I digress.
Today we had a small mainentance problem with our main bathroom. The door handle fell off. I'd consider a pretty big freakin' problem, but apparently no cares what I think.
For those keeping score it's the inside door handle so it's hard to get out. We put 2 signs on the door saying Out of Order and Please use the other bathrooms. Real clear and concise right? And yes, they were polite signs.
Nothing to worry about. Yeah, right. About noon a patron came to me with the words, someone is locked in the bathroom. I was understandably annoyed. The signs were not hard to read. So I tell the bathroom patron that we didn't want people in there.
Because it was the interior door handle, we had to call maintenance to get them out. And we didn't know how long it was going to take.
Physical plant found it quite amusing. But they promised to get there very soon.
So I go back and update the person. No problem.
On the outside of the door there's a little knob that maybe would unlock the door. So I wriggle it. The locked in person says, Oh wait a minute would this help? And UNLOCKS THE DOOR FROM THE INSIDE!
They weren't ever locked in!
I had to call Physical plant and let them know that there was no need for a welder or locksmith to rescue our stranded patron.
I leave it to you to fill in the rest of that conversation.

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