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Friday, May 12, 2006

In praise of Scotland

I just love Scotland. Now you might think this is an unusual non-sequitar for LI.
But bear with me. It's not because they have cool accents, kicking Scotch, a pretty keen fashion sense(everyone wants those tartans), and many famous people who changed the world. Adam Smith, John Knox, Robert Burns, Robert Louis Stevenson, Sean Connery, and Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, just to name a few.

No, the reason I love Scotland is because of the quality of their ILL staff. It is ILL heaven on earth. They are organized, polite, accurate, and in general damn good!

If I get a request from anywhere in Scotland, whether it be from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, or Edinburgh University or St. Andrew's University I know that the call number will correspond to the title, that they will know how much we charge and be willing to pay. They will return the books in a timely manner with the paperwork! Very important that. And best of all, they always include a handwritten thank-you note.
And helpful! I had a borrowing request that confused the hell out of everyone, except the Scottish. They were willing to find the book, copy it and send it to us airmail. And for a piddling little price! As I said Heaven on earth.

That's all I ask. Some organization, pride in your work, and a little gratitude. What's so hard about that? In Scotland it's not hard at all.
Now if I can only start getting them to send me tea and shortbread....

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You'll have to go there someday. Scots are very polite and organized in person too. I'd love to live there, but can't afford the cost of living.

By Blogger Char, at 9:57 PM  

I've been to Scotland twice. Very cool place. And you're right about polite and organized in person too.
And the Yummy Accents!

By Blogger Nike, at 12:17 AM  

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