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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Return of the Celery Woman

She returns. Just as limp and colorless and clueless as before, although not in green. Someone must have mentioned how terribly awful she looks in green. I haven't seen much of her this year(thankfully) but she been around. The stories, oh the stories!
Here's one from recently. She was in here asking questions. I didn't have to answer them. She was asking one of the reference librarians. You gotta give those ref librarians credit. I honestly don't know how anyone can be that patient with someone that stupid.
I swear she asked the variations on the same question three times in 5 minutes. "I have a book on reserve." (No, actually it's on hold, stupid) When we go to the shelf, it's not there. "But it has to be! My e-mail said so." Just in case the shelf is checked again. Nope. Now Celery Woman repeats herself at a slightly louder volume. (Like we missed it the first two times) And she spells her name for us. (Thanks. We missed it the first and second time, which is why we actually checked the shelf) Then since we can't find it we move to the next step. Her account was checked. Lo and behold her e-mail had lied to her. It's at another library on campus. Panic ensues. "Oh, no I wouldn't do that. It's got to be here since this is the only library I use. You have to look again."
Apparently the first two times that the librarian looked on the shelf she somehow overlooked the book even though we had the title and your name and we know what we are doing. Or maybe Celery Woman thought her amazing mental powers would somehow have teleported the book to it's 'right' place so she would be able to pick it up.

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