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Friday, March 18, 2005

Not a phrase tally but...

Another thing that bugs the hell out of me. Something I have to tell people at least once a day is that we don't allow you to use cell phones in the library.
I told a patron, who was on his cell phone, that we ask you not to use them in the library. (Direct quote by the way)I was pleasant, straightforward and polite. In case he missed the freaking signs that are posted everywhere!
He turned to me with a glare and held up a finger and continued on talking. His wife was giving him a shopping list.
First, of all you are the rude one, not me. I have work to do and have no desire to listen to your half of a banal conversation.
Second, if you insist on coming into the library with your cell phone either turn the *^%**@ thing off or leave when you get a call. That's what most people do anyway.
Third, this is not the first time we have told you the policy or the first time we have had problems with you about other things. We do remember them and will get you eventually.
I explained to him why we ask you to not talk on the phone in the library. Because every other student who needs to study and write papers and the people who actually get paid to be here are disturbed when you use your phone. And they complain to us. Loudly, incessently.
He said he wasn't expecting any calls. Note that this guy is less than 5 feet from the front door. So then your phone should have been off. We should have a cell phone check somewhere. Leave your phone before you enter in certain public places like libraries and museums.

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I get the dirty looks from these people if they're standing in a traffic area and there is too much noise. I just give it right back. I have a professional dirty look, MUCH more intimidating.

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