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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Had a double dufus day yesterday. I can't decide if 2 interactions with the same dufus is better or worse than 2 separate dufusae. In a way I can almost trick myself that this could mean there is actually 1 less dufus in the world... if I'm drinking that is. Its harder to do that now that I got sent all that "Drugs in the Workplace" literature. You mention something once, in fun, and the dopey office manager thinks your an alkie. Geez.

ANYWAY, The first dufus attack came while I was in my office. I was not on duty. It was not my responsibility to handle the miscreants during that time. But they just HAVE to seek me out:

knock knock - I look up and frown - "Is there something you can do about the noise?"
I listen and think. What noise? "What kind of noise?"
"The doors. People keep going in and out, its hard to concentrate on my work."
"I'm sorry, there's really nothing that can be done about the doors and people going through them. This floor has the circulation desk and the computer lab, its always..."
Interrupts me! "Are there any other computers?!"
"Not the same as on this floor, but there are..."
And the S.O.B just walks away in the middle of my explanation. I don't know who in the heck that guy was. A dufus, obviously, but he was like 40 with really stupid hair.

So THEN, 7 hours later I am sitting at the Reference desk. I see this guy storm up to the desk out of the corner of my eye (he was stomping and beelined to me) and he demands "Where are those other computers?!"
It took me a minute to remember him after going through my initial: What the heck is HE talking about?
"One floor up are some computers that have..."
And he walked away AGAIN! Hey! Dumbass! Wait until someone finishes the sentence. It's not like I talk slow or I've been going on forever its been 2 seconds.

When he turned and stormed off I received a lovely whiff of his stale smoke b.o. This dufus will make some bimbo a happy woman.

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