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Thursday, March 10, 2005

reserve musings

I never noticed how many people come in with problems relating to reserves until this week.
And as a side note I noticed that the amount of traffic there is on the road increases my stress levels proportionally.
Anyway reserves. Mostly it's whiny people. I returned this on time and still got a fine. Ok, let's suspend reality for a moment. Yes, the computer system hates you and does this just to you for malicious reasons. We are sorry and will forgive all your fines and promise that it will never happen again. Fantasy break is over. Back to reality and logic. If you returned it on time and actually handed it to someone like you the sign says you wouldn't have a fine.
And the weather is not a valid excuse for turning in reserve books two days late. It is winter. It does rain and snow and is cold here. You knew that. So telling me that you couldn't leave your house for 2 days because of the snow isn't something I am going to believe. We didn't get that much snow. And there are plows. I will concede the evening fines weren't your fault since we were closed and the computer didn't compensate. But that was one day.
It's sort of amazing how many people think just because there aren't any classes that they can keep a reserve book past the due date and not be penalized for it. Uh we meant for the whole semester. Weekends, holidays and any other day.
Really the only excuse I accept is death. Oh you died? Well, then no fines. But I better not see you around!
And someone from your estate better return those books!

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We forgive the fines of dead people. And we discharge any books on their account. Death is a free pass here.

By Blogger Loki, at 10:00 AM  

I don't believe in free passes. My boss does and it really ticks me off. Which is why we have so many problems with overdue fines. Any stupid excuse works for her. And all the students know it!

By Blogger Nike, at 10:54 PM  

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