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Thursday, March 17, 2005

A Project, Beginning Today.

Another day... another hour wasted... another dozen brain cells killed, imploded with idiocy that sometimes occurs in my occupation. I've decided that instead of focusing on the Mother Load of bullshit hurled at me (because it really is hard keeping up with recording that), I'd focus my attention on those little nuggets that really let you know what the speaker ate to create such stench. (Enough of that analogy! I really tried to carry it through, but, well, ick.)

To that end, I have been noticing a pattern of speaking and therefore (lack) of thought processes. There are a few phrases that particular unnamed individuals use excessively in work related conversations. I am going to make it my pet project to record the number of times these phrases are used erroneously (because they are ALWAYS used so), revealing their great ignorance of not only their profession but of simple communications happening all around them.

Phrases and tallies will be shown on the lefthand toolbar.

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