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Monday, February 07, 2005


L.I.'s Law: As soon as things are looking good, an email will come to send you right over the edge!

I just posted the previous 'happy' message, maximized the email client and BAM! I was sent over the edge to irrational rage. Got an email about a committee that had been formed for important library services. Of course the BOTBOAL (Boil on the butt of all librarians - the boss) was on it, as well as the library Kiss Ass, and the Hag from Hell. The hag is a woman who lacks any, I mean ANY, customer service ability. She's actually said to people "What do you want?" and "Why don't you look this up before you come over here and bother me?". She is a grade A bitch - not in the good way. I don't know how she's done it, but she's managed to make a couple of the top two admins think she is smart with 'great' ideas. If they had asked any of the 10 staff who work with her on a regular basis they would have heard something else entirely!

Why the hell is she on a services committee? She's not a part of the department, she's not a librarian*, she doesn't work well with people, she's an idiot, etc.

This trifecta of incompetence will plunge an already sinking library to the bottom of the sea!

*This is a sub-issue for me. For 7 years I was a non-librarian staff member and I recall thinking how much smarter I was than some librarians and that non-professional staff have valuable, if not more valuable contributions to make than those squirreled away in meetings. Well, now I'm a librarian. I'm doing all the boring meeting stuff, but I maintain my regular work with the running of things. Do I now get asked for the cool and important stuff? NO! Now they give those positions to the regular folk. The fatuous folk. I recognize that there are staff who can make great contributions, but many can't. The Hag is one. Why, oh WHY can't people of real value to a project be chosen to be on it regardless of employment position??!!

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Well at least you're not dying.

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