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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I have questions

These might be updated periodically.
Why, do all the whiny students blame me for not having the 'right' books on reserve?
Why do the downtown ILL people send me the request for a book that is clearly in another library?
Why do fools fall in love? (hehehehe)
Why does the director insist on giving me strange language items to search for? Things in Welsh, Tahitan, Finnish, Hawaiian and my personal favorite, Turkish. I do not know these languages. There has to be someone who does!
Questions 2
Why is it that when you are calling to find out if something is open and the phone is answered you ask Is the library open?
Why do you expect ME to do your school work for you? I already have a degree.

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I had to laugh - Your title is too much like "I have needs." But, we don't want to go THERE!

How about:

Why, when the shit flies, does it always hit me?
Why do those who can't teach, teach?
What is it I did that I have to work for an ignoramous?

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