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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Student worker woes.

How hard should it be to hire a student to work in the library? I mean, you need a warm body to sit at the desk, smile at people, scan barcodes, and give the occasional direction of 'on the 4th floor'. Hundreds of applications - really. Experience not necessary. Of any sort. Just consciousness, sanity, and you hope for common sense.

So why is it, when you are in the interview and you are asking questions and you say: "This position is 10-15 hours/week and requires working at night and on the weekends. Will you be able to work these shifts?" The responses are always: "Oh sure!" "No problem, I'm a night person." "I'm up that late anyway." Then you make the call, offer them the job and on the first day they come in and go "Is there anyway I could not work at night and on the weekends?"

DUDE! I told you! "Damn it! You're fired, get the hell out of my library!"

every. single. time.

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I don't get it either. They are probably anxious to get any job that they say whatever you want to hear and then figure that you are so freaking grateful they acccepted that you will do anything to keep them. Yeah, right.
Do we have a library name for these people? They aren't really Nathans so they need their own name. Like a new species.

By Blogger Nike, at 1:53 PM  

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