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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Damned freshman

Annoying new freshman came in recently.

She comes in on Monday wanting a book. Apparently she needs it by Sat for some paper or something.
Well, we have 2 copies and another of our libraries has one as well. Two are checked out and one is supposed to be on the shelf. She can't find it. She's got long brown braids and one of those 1960's style pop-up hats with the pom-pom and the brim. Tres chic.
She looks, well, annoying. My student says "I knew before she even opened her mouth she was going to be trouble."
So I promise we'd look. I tell her she could recall the books. But she needs it before Sat. I promise we'd do our best to find it. If we couldn't find it by yesterday I'd mark it missing and she could ILL it.
I explain in great detail what that is, because she didn't know. Serious freshman cluelessness.
So now she wants to put in an ILL request. I explain the ILL policy to her again. And if we can't find it we will let her ILL then, just not NOW. But it won't do any good since she needs it by the end of the week and ILL takes about 10 days. She didn't get that.
She and her buddy hang around for a while, presumably to wait and see if we turn up the book. Then she leaves after my student doesn't find it. Not leaving a name or number to contact her. Of course. But they want to know if we have a bus schedule to get back to campus. I tell them to look up the shuttle schedule on-line since we don't have one handy. Dumb all through. Then they want to know where to get the bus.
I check later on. Nothing. No pre-shelving, no carts, ect.
So we look yesterday. Nada. I did mark it missing but I hated to do it. Not just cause they were annoying. But I promised.

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