Librarian Ire

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

They're poking at me.

Don't they read the signs?!

Student still out sick and I am chained to the desk. Someone gave the patrons courage juice because they're all coming in to harass me. The girl who starts yelling "Hello?! Hello!" as soon as the door gets open far enough was just in. [I guess I forgot to previous write about her, I meant to...] This time I let her have it - "You need to approach the desk for someone to help you. There is always someone here and we always have the desk in sight but no one can see the door around the corner and 20 feet away - ok? Just come up to the desk and there will be someone to help you." She kept saying "Thank you" through my little explanation. Gosh! Shut up! I hate her. Luckily I saw that she has a bunch of fines on her account. Some day she will face me at her reckoning and I will remember her.

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