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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gettin' old.

So 2 of my students were out today so I was sole desk coverage for approximately 4 hours. I am pooped! There were lost books returned, missing books to search for, reserve book hell, weird phone calls, etc. I tell ya, I need a drink.

Funny: Guy walking along carrying his crutches.
Puzzle: Is that person a man or a woman? Sure, he/she is tall and muscular, but that pink blouse really makes the frosted hair snap!
Fool: Some guy returned a batch of public library books here. I have sent them off to our central mailroom where they will eventually be mailed back but I sure hope the person gets overdue fines b/c he's an idiot!
Victim: Some bimbo wants a reserve but she doesn't know the title. So, she picks one, I pull it and bring it out front then she says "Not that one". She does this 3 times before the right book. I've looked up her address and am going to go run her over later.

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