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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Spam in the library

Now you might be thinking this is a rant-y(is that a word?) post. But really it's not.
I am not saying I am in favor of being bombarded with advertisements for things like V!a gr@, C1aL1s. And I really don't have money to invest in the stock market, but thanks anyway. And my personal favorite, how to enlarge certain organs to an AMAZING size.
Hmm, I wonder what the success rate is for those drugs when there's no organ to work with in the first place?
Things I wonder about as I am deleting my spam folder. Yes, I have a special in-box for spam.
And that does annoy me. That I need one. But overall I look at spam as a free laugh. Especially to the general library account. When you are sending spam and viruses to an e-mail account that says circdesk@*******.edu do you really think that a header entitled CRAZY ILLEGAL SEX!!! is going to make it past the trash? Or how about Pharmacy spelled with an F and 4 A's?
Little tip for you spammers out there reading this. Librarians have to learn to spell before they let us graduate. It's one of those stupid little requirements of Library school. Damned spelling quizzes on the GRE.
So thanks for the laugh. But you can stop now. The patrons have complained that the hysterical laughter from behind the circ desk is distracting them from important things like listening to their Ipod or talking on the cell phone and abusing books.

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