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Monday, January 30, 2006

All is Right.

Here I thought I had been going soft. I haven't noticed very much idiocy lately in the patrons. Thankfully, I discovered this morning its not me, it was just a slow couple of weeks.

8am this morning. I am not visible from the very front of the circ desk, but I can see the desk. I hear the doors open. I hear feet drag along the carpet for 2 steps. (ps I HATE that! Why the heck don't people pick up their feet?!) I'm waiting for them to get within 7 feet of the desk, which is the area I can see, before I come out from my spot where I'm working. Beyond 7 feet I can't see yet. So, the steps stopped after 2, immediately some BIMBO yells out "Is someone there?!" Ok, first off - this is a library! No yelling! Second, no one of any sense would think you need help at a desk when you are about 10 feet from it. Grrr. I'm not a concierge or a valet, it is not my job to pounce on you before the door closes behind you.

Needless to say, I came out, but I was very short with the pinhead patron. She just wanted to return a book too! She didn't even approach the desk until I was standing at it directly in front of her. Then she lifts up her huge bag, wet!, plops it on the desk and begins to root around in it. I yanked that book out of her hand, said 'thank you' - but not like I really meant it, and walked away. Grrr.

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