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Monday, January 30, 2006

Yeah, My stack has completely blown.

So, It's my turn to check the library general email account - handle all those pesky problems. I see there are about 40 pages of emails in the inbox. As that really annoys my fluctuating type A, I decide to go through and try to delete the ones older than 3 months. I am happily deleting when I run across a very angry email from a professor. Since he was quite the jerk, I was curious to see what the librarian who got the email said in response. So, I flip to the sent folder. 15 pages there. I find the email, I read it, and I completely blow my stack. The person who got it was an ass-kisser who was brought in for a term position. She goes on in her email about how whoever had done things before her had slacked off on the job, its there fault, but that now that she's here such things will never happen. No fooling! She did a whole long letter with this kind of crap, but written in a polished letter form. I can NOT believe she did that! At best she's an egomaniac kiss-up, at worst the director and all other staff in the library are complete fools!

She thinks she's so professional too. She is on my list. Watch for her, b/c I am going to make a point of highlighting her shenanigans often here from now on!

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