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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mark and remember.

Had a screamer in today. Ranting and raving about his 25.00 overdue fine. He claims he checked out a 2 hour reserve and returned it about 45 minutes earlier.
He protested excessively about the fine. He even had his dates wrong. He said he checked it out on Wednesday when he had checked it out on Tuesday. There was no record of him checking anything out on Wednesday.
I pointed that out to him several times and he insisted I was wrong. It's not me, but you might want to be careful about who you accuse of being wrong there fine boy.
He got all happy and less loud when I told him I would forgive the fine. I then gave him advice on how to avoid this from happening again. Ask for a date due slip or a receipt. He was Very Uninterested in that advice.
And what made me even more suspicious he kept ranting about how the student was all wrong and had had trouble checking the item out to him.
So I check his account. Surprise! This is the fourth time he has had major fines on his account all on a 2 hour reserve item. And maybe this will shock some of you, but all were forgiven on account of 'error.'
Not anymore. He has a note in his fine account now. HA HA!

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