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Sunday, January 08, 2006

ILL updates # 3 or 4.

If someone's counting let me know. I lost track. Anyway this is to adjust the -30.5 for Australia.
I know you all were just waiting up nights wanting to know if that was gonna get better.
It was starting to worry me.
But finally(!!) the University of Tasmania stepped up. Yes, little Tasmania. Home of the Devil and Errol Flynn. And some very organized and puntcual ILL'ers. They sent back 2 books BEFORE the due date. They were my books. Which is what we are keeping track of here. Returning two books to the proper library is worth 5 points. To get them back before they are overdue is worth another 5 points a piece. So we are down to -15.5 points.
Okay who's next? University of Sydney? How about Melbourne? Monash University? Maybe the University of Perth? Let's give it a try.

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