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Friday, January 20, 2006

Hoot-hoot goes the Loon.

There is so much going on this just made me laugh!

I get a call at the desk. A foreign student starts right in yelling at me, yes, yelling, that I didn't check in her book. She returned it. She put it in the slot. She returned it. Remove it from her account. Blah blah. Since there was no pauses in her ranting, I had to cut right in and ask for her ID #. "No." she says to me. No? She has already launched into my yelling about her returned book, I am trying to talk over her to get her to shut up and give me her ID when she goes "Fine, 243556993882" and then starts yelling again. Lucky for her I have a good memory for numbers b/c I had to catch all that in a half a second. I exercise my toon-out ability and type in the number while she is yelling at me more "I returned the book. I returned the book. I returned the book."

I finally get her record, guess that the overdue item is the 'returned book' and tell her (cuttin in of course) that we'll search for the book and let her know. "No! I returned the book. Remove it right now! (She's really screaming now) I was just there and returned the book, remove it!"

"Wait a minute." I say. "When did you return this book?"
"Right now. Just this minute!" She screams.
"You mean, within the last 5 minutes you returned this book?"
My pardon to religious folks, but christ! "We are very busy. If it was just returned it is still in the book return and it won't be checked in until we have the time."
She grumbled a bit more then hung up.

Now, that is just crazy. She comes in, returns the book, then obviously runs to the nearest computer not in this building and checks her book account to see if it was removed. Who does that?

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