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Thursday, December 22, 2005


There was much amusement in the ranks yesterday. This is not a noted time for happiness in our library, since most everyone has gone on home.
The reason for our amusement was a graduation yesterday. The Nathan in training earned his Ph.D in stupidity. He is now a full fledged Nathan.
For those of you who are new to this blog we did post early on about Nathans so check the archives. January 2005 we talked a LOT about this.
We did not realize that there was going to be a graduation ceremony at the library or we would have brought web-cams and popcorn.
It started innocently. My two students were hanging at the desk having a light philosophical/political discussion. Hey, for them that was party small talk. Anyway. Then Nathan came in. He came back to the desk hung up his coat and proceeded to stand around and stare at us.

(A note here. After exams are over we feel no need to stay open 14 hours per day. We do 9-5. Exams ended two weeks ago. Holiday hours were posted on the door and various e-mails were sent by my boss and 2 deans informing everyone of this.)

Both the students and I thought he was here to do some last minute studying. Since he's not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, we figured he got extensions on his papers.
But no. He was here to 'work'. But all he did was stand around and watch while the other 2 students did the work.
I was about to tell him to leave, when someone asked him what he was doing here.
He said I'm working, but there's three of us, so I don't have a lot to do.
So I tell him if he wants to work he can shelve books, but we do close in 45 minutes.
That was a shock to him. He thought we were open our usual hours.
Various incredulous looks were exchanged before we could formulate an answer to this stupidity.
I told him that the boss had sent a few e-mails about the hours changing, and pointed out the very artistic and informative poster on the door he just walked through.
Nathan, obviously can't read and hadn't been checking his e-mail "for a reason." He didn't deign to explain what the reason was and although we were all dying to know the reason it's best not to ask in case they actually answer.
So he went home after demonstrating why he earned his Ph.D. in stupidity. All we were missing was the video and the treats to make the day complete.

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