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Monday, December 12, 2005

Ho, Ho, Ho. Yeah right.

The only way to keep any holiday spirit is to lock myself at home with Christmas specials and massive quantities of sugar.
Don't drive, don't talk to people, especially people at work, and don't go shopping. And with this economy who can afford to?

Besides the losers at work are starting to overrun the place.
First it's the whiny ones. One example is the guy who couldn't find a book and since it was so vital to his degree he pitched a fit. Because we couldn't find this one book which was duplicated in several other branches he concluded that our library is disorganized, poorly staffed, 'untidy', and have poor service.

So he wrote to the director outlining all the problems(as he saw it) and claiming that it's staff negligence that lost all the missing books that he has been unable to find over the last few years. That's pretty much a quote from his little rant.
What drugs are they giving you on your planet, you alien freak? And if you want better service maybe you should be nicer to the people you are asking something from.

And then there's the ones who can't read. If it says the book was returned yesterday, then it won't do you any good to recall the item. Idiot.

The third group really bugs me. Those are the ones who treat the place like their living room. So they hang out and chat with those people they deem 'worthy' ignoring the rest of us. They use their cell phones, and bring snacks, and walk around in their bare or stocking feet.
It amazes me really that these supposedly intelligent people have little or no clue on how to act in public.
The only thing they don't do is run around naked. And that's something to really be thankful for considering what some of them look like.

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Speaking of Ho's - as this post reminds me - I have to pipe in with how psched I am about Amazing Race last night! The short-short, spagetthi strapped ho's lost! Yeah!

Now, back to our regularily shelved call #s.

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