Librarian Ire

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Just give me the book!

Or drop it on the counter, or HEY! Put in that slot, you know the one with the "Return books Here" right above it.

I am WAY freaking busy, and you're standing around is just gumming up my system!

"Do I have to return all my books before spring term?" Yes, and you can't ever check any out again. You have to use the online ones.

"Can I renew these 20 books I have brought in four boxes carried by assorted members of my family?" No! You can only renew your books from home. Take them away!

"Can I still check out books even though classes are over?" Fool! Books are only to be used when you have a class to go to.

"Is the library open?" That's it. It's on. Librarian Loki jumps the desk and attacks the patron. Go Loki!

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